Tuesday 27 December 2022

Slow news day

 So in my last post, the whole "I'll have another post out in a couple of days" really fell through. 

In my defence I've actually got 3-4 posts in various stages of "cooking" to come out, including a massive guide on Jump Freighters and a "30 Run Abyss" ISK/hr discussion. Unfortunately my time to play EVE this last few weeks has been scattered and I've spent my precious few hours online exploring how things have changed since I was last sucked into this massive universe and making plans for how I want things to proceed "EVE career" wise. It's not as financially viable for me to be paying for 3-4 accounts with RL money these days now I'm a "real adult", so I currently have 2 accounts on Omega (Seraph and Zendrak) that run out of PLEX end of December and then a current Alpha Account character that's about 15-20 days skill training from being a solid Rorqual pilot that I'm strongly considering selling on the character bazaar, since I:

1) Barely use/play on this account anyway now I'm not in NullSec

2) Currently don't have a desktop since I'm living between two houses, and my laptop gets pretty hot running two clients let alone three

3) Think mining is really fucking boring

4) Know that even if I lived in NullSec, I don't need a second Rorqual pilot (Zendrak is also a Rorq pilot) and I don't have a second Rorqual hull for him to fly anyway. 

5) Can't face Alliance mining ops (see 3), my heart can't take neutrals being spotted in the pipe while I'm stuck in siege on two Rorquals even with a cap/supercap umbrella.

So the third account "Main" looks to be on the chopping block but I'll have to decide in the New Year since I'll be away with work for a while and unable to actually log in. In the mean time I'll be allowing Seraph and Zendrak to lapse into Alpha and make a decision in January/February. Since my EVE time is going to evaporate for a month and a bit, I'll try to get as much done on my drafted posts that I can without logging in so that when I'm actually back I'll easily smash out a couple in a week.

Anyway, sorry for the slow news day, I'll see you in space, fly safe

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