Monday, 20 June 2016

A new face in the group

Oh god I'm turning into one of those people.

You know who I'm talking about. The people with more ISK than sense or who have RL cash to burn quite happily on space pixels. In my case, it happens to be more RL cash becoming available to me due to a new job (yay), and a reduction in spending because I'm moving house.

Which lead to me thinking two days ago, "Huh, I want to get really into industry. Shame I don't have any characters I can use, since Seraph and Zendrak are busy training towards Wormhole living. Wait! I can just make a new account!"

And the rest, as they say ladies and gents, is history. I was even clever enough to remember to refer myself so I got a nice extra month of gametime for Seraph's account, and my new character (who shall remain nameless for the time being) has absolutely no ties to Seraph or Zendrak. No ISK deposits, no contracts, no trades, nothing. He's living entirely 
off what he's earned with the rookie missions and the brand spanking new Venture I got rewarded with for completing them.

Excitement! Massive ISK per hour! A sense of accomplishment!
You too can avoid these things by joining a mining fleet!
I've also joined a mining/industrial corp on him on his very first day, and I'm playing the excited rookie role, since I can't be arsed with explaining everything about my past to some snooty recruiters. Instead I'm asking the standard rookie questions, and some are genuinely from me regarding industry and mining because it's not an area I've delved into much in EVE. 

Yeah mining is boring as fuck, but it's something I can leave running in the background at my new job, and that's pretty tempting. Plus their long term plan is to join a NullSec alliance so that should be pretty exciting right?

I've got alot of plans for this new character, mainly revolving around a purely industry skill path, which should hopefully make me alot of dank ISK alongside the plan to move Seraph and Zendrak into a C3/C4/C5 wormhole corp. Then I could even transfer the sleeper loot to my new alt and get him on T3 manufacturing. It's all very exciting in my head, even if it's a little sad. The only real issue at the moment is that I'm only just remembering the absolute hell of training core skills all over again, which are just delaying my specialisation into industry. I've been spoilt for nearly 3 years now on my other two characters that I'm long past these skills and it's a little depressing to see them all again. However since I'm not going to be flying in combat I can afford to skimp on a few percent here and there, so I'm not obsessed with all Vs like I was previously. Instead the maxed skills will be related to mining yield and reprocessing efficiency. Technically I could buy a couple of skill extractors and put myself ahead by a month or so of training but I'm loathe to do this currently since it still feels like cheating to me.

Dat industrial god ship (sort of)

I really want to stick to a "pure" character, no PLEX injections for liquid capital, no skill injectors to skip the hard slog of training bullshit, just cracking on and getting things done. I'm fine with my corp handing me a mining barge to get me kickstarted (and some have already given me BPCs when I said I wanted to be a manufacturing tycoon) but I'd like to avoid the easy way out. It'll make achieving it all the more satisfying for me, even if my total skillplan for my alt so far is almost 790 days for everything I want trained at the moment. However that's without remapping or any implants so I can probably cut off just over 100 days from that which is much less shit. So far my plan for my industry alt is this:

  1. Train for mining barges; Retriever, Hulk, Mackinaw etc etc
  2. Train for industry manufacturing/refining/research/copying/invention etc
  3. Train for a freighter
  4. Train for a boosting Orca (including leadership skills etc)
  5. Train for a jump freighter. Purchase and research capital ship/component BPOs
  6. Build or buy my own RorqualOrca and Freighter
  7. Max out mining skills/industry skills etc. Start mass building capital ships and make DANK ISK
  8. Count my money while cackling evilly
While doing all this I'll be buying and researching BPOs, manufacturing from them and mining while afk at work. I'd also quite like to build any major ships I want to own just because it sounds "fun", so Fenrir, Orca, Rorqual and all that. I probably wouldn't build my own JF because I'm not sure if I want to get into T2/T3 manufacturing, but that's a bridge I'll cross once I get my T1 business going. Invention seems much more complex and skill intensive than T1 so I might actually have to do some real "revision" to understand WTF I'm doing.

If my corp moves out to Null I'd love to try and supply the market out there too, and luckily I've got a trade alt I bought ages ago which I could use to seed the home station with both manufactured and transported goods. I've even got a PI alt I don't use that I could pack off down there and start harvesting from planets. 

Looks very fancy, but very click intensive

However this is all very reliant on constant effort from me and scouring the market for opportunities to make dank ISK. It's also going to take me like 3 years of skill training to get to step 7 alone according to EVE Mon. Ouch. And christ knows when I'll reach step 8. But EVE is a game you play for the long haul, so we'll see what happens. I kinda want to talk more about alt accounts and all the things I could do with them, but this post is getting seriously long and I should probably stop.

In the mean time guys, fly safe o7

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