Saturday, 18 June 2016

What the hell are you doing?

Last night, I decided to try and kill some mobile tractor units to annoy some mission bears and see what they did. So I logged in my two characters, stuck Zendrak in a scanning ship and hopped into a Hecate with Seraph. Sidenote, I fucking LOVE the design of this ship. It looks so awesome, and reminds me of a stealth bomber or something with the single flying wing design.

Seriously. Look how sexy it is
After irritating a Nightmare pilot who bumped me a few times to show his displeasure, and scaring the shit out of a Gila when my scanner decloaked on top of him, I was thinking my targets would be thin on the ground tonight. Long gone are the days where mission runners would rage at you stealing from their wrecks or shooting their MTUs, and respond by shooting...

Or are they?

I'd just scanned down a Dominix Navy Issue, and my scanner was sat on the acceleration gate. I warped in my Hecate  and plopped right down next to the Domi, who was slowboating towards the next gate while his drones chewed on some battleship rats. Deciding to be a dick, I flew straight past him and looted two battleship wrecks. Nothing major in them, probably about 2mil of loot, but I apparently enraged him so much he started shooting as soon as he could lock me.

With railguns.

At point blank range.

I'm in a goddam Hecate.

I was laughing so hard I didn't notice his Hobgoblins swarm me at first, and oh god those definitely hurt even if his railguns didn't. I scrammed the Domi, got into a tight orbit and started webbing and blapping his drones down. There were ALOT of drones. I felt like I killed atleast five full flights of light drones and two flights of heavies.

I have no idea how big the Domi's drone bay is, but as I chewed through endless Hobgoblins and  FedNavy Ogres I was seriously concerned I might run out of ammo before I could kill this guy. I'm deadly serious, I only packed about 800 rounds of each ammo type (Null, Void, FN Antimatter) and I'd already used most of my null on the FedNavy Ogres because they tended to orbit me around 6k.

Eventually he stopped launching drones at me and just kept slowboating towards the acceleration gate. I kept pace with him and kept up my withering blaster fire. His shields were dropping far slower than I expected, and I was worried about my ability to break his armour tank if I was already grinding pretty slow through his shields. Then I hit his armour, and OH JESUS.

He fucking melted. Like, literally I was blowing huge chunks off his armour with each volley. I decided to ask for a ransom of 300mil to save his ship but he didn't reply so I kept on shooting. His hull didn't last much longer than his armour, and soon he was in a pod. He warped off to station.

I looted his wreck, sadly no faction loot, and warped off to station myself so I could repair my burnt modules. I landed right on top of his capsule and he didn't seem to be moving towards the docking radius. Well since you asked so nicely Mr Capsule...

Blap blap!

I felt a little mean all for about two seconds, then I remembered this was EVE, so I docked up and went to watch TV with no remorse at all.


Now besides this little story I'm currently in the process of applying to wormhole corps so I can experience wormhole living properly and make some ISK to fund my industrial ventures. I've got this dream of building capital ships, and it's something I'm going to need alot of cash to get going. Wormholes seem like the best place for this with a nice mix of cash and PvP, so we'll see how it goes. In the mean time guys;

Fly safe o7

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