Friday, 17 June 2016

Gone too long

Skill Queue Online is a boring game.

Unfortunately it's all I've been able to do these last few months (okay, over a year) due to a new job taking up a lot of my personal time. The military are not big fans of people taking PCs into basic training! However I've now passed my basic and my further training is much more relaxed, to the point that I'm looking at buying a laptop PC to play EVE and League of Legends on in the evenings after my lessons. Hopefully I'll have it by next week, and I'll be playing regularly again. I might even start blogging more frequently about my clumsy attempts to relearn all that is new in the last year, and perhaps start making some serious ISK in W-Space that I can burn in stupid expensive PvP ships.

I'm also attempting to teach myself the whole Excel-and-importing-XML-data thing but it's goddam confusing to someone with no coding as a background and a short attention span. That's something else I want to work on in the coming weeks.

I won't say I'm back for good because I know how that ended before. This is just a post to let anyone out there still listening for my voice know;

I'm still here. EVE still has me in her grips. Hit me up with an EVE-mail if you're still around too.

Until next time, however long it is, fly safe o7

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