Monday, 24 December 2012

Plans change. People do crazy things.

So the whole "Fly 'til I die" thing, while a nice thought, doesn't look like it's gonna happen. Mainly because I've had alot less time IRL to play EVE recently (damn those Christmas parties/family gatherings), and the whole "LOSE ALL MAH SHIPS LAWL" idea kinda wears thin after the 8th or 9th loss in a row.

Also I kinda wanted to crack on with NullSec, experience new things and make lots of ISK. So sue me :)

So I was thinking about dropping my corp and saying my goodbyes in a couple of days before I headed on over to NullSec with Korvus.

Atleast, that was the plan until Korvus decided to stage a miniature revolution with his corp, kick Brick Squad in the balls and run for Wormhole Space.

Well crap, now what do I do?

- Follow Korvus into the Wormholes, a place I have no experience with, few scanning skills and even worse situational awareness?

- Join up with a LowSec pirate corp and return to murdering innocents? The changes in Retribution have now made piracy in frigates possible, and I'd love to get back to "living off the land" again...

- Find a NullSec Alliance and join it anyway, for the lols, blob combat and mad iskies?

- Stay in Faction Warfare?

- Run solo again for awhile?

Choices will have to be made...