Monday, 22 July 2013

Alliance Tournament XI Day Two - Crash and burn

Sooooo Nulli lost their second fight in ATXI.

And I lost 1.5billion betting on them. And most of my alliance mates lost about 500mil - 2bil betting on them too, except for a few assholes who bet big on Transmission Lost. They made the good point that it meant either way, they "won". Nulli loses, they get money, Nulli wins, we advance.

Even so. Assholes ;)

And stupidly I forgot to record the TS comms again, but rest assured there was much screaming, swearing, tears and desperation. Here's one moment I vividly remember.

*Our Basilisk, piloted by Cas Mania is getting pounded by missiles and dropping into low shield*

Teamspeak rioting:


Admittedly it was close until our Basilisk died, BUT from then on we were screwed. Oh well, we can still advance if we win our next couple of matches.

Anyway, good luck out there guys!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Alliance Tournament XI Day One - Sacrilege Secunda!

I'll be honest, I didn't really care about much of the matches today besides the obvious Nulli Secunda vs Surely You're Joking.

Lots of alliance buddies were sitting on TS watching the stream together, and my god you should have heard the shouting/rage/sarcasm/fear when we lost a Sacrilege early on and it looked like we were going to lose, before our team clawed it back and wiped the field of the enemy team.

I myself had bet 500mil on Nulli to win at 1.4 - 1 odds, so I walked away with a nice 200mil after that match. Of course I then lost this ISK betting on other teams who went on to lose in stupid/hilarious/retarded ways, like Mildly Sober in their industrial fleet and The Kadeshi with two boundary violations during a very close match.


Anyway I'll link the video of the first Nulli match once it goes up on Youtube, and next time I'll record our TS during the stream so you can watch the match along with Nulli comms and have a good laugh at everyone freaking out.

Good luck out there guys

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Not dead, just busy etc

I've been pretty busy IRL recently, so this blog and my EVE playtime has suffered for it somewhat. Sadly that means I don't have much to talk about except some little things I'm going to mention now :)


Zendrak is now a carrier pilot!

Awwh yiis

Yeah go me and everything. I'm still about two months from what I would consider "basic" requirements for my Archon (Racial carrier IV, Capital Remote Armor Systems IV, Capital Energy Emission Systems IV, Fighters IV, Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration IV, all drone supports to IV etc.) which is mildly annoying but I can live with it. Currently it's just sitting in my hangar in Hophib, and sometimes I'll mess around on the undock with other carrier pilots, waving our dicks in Local chat. I have been on a couple of move ops, and even saved a corpmate's Dominix from NullSec after he had to logoff after we lost the 9V station. But nothing requiring me to aim guns at an enemy :(

Such is the life of a noob carrier pilot.

However, to reach the standards of my alliance, I'm about seventy three days from being "Slowcat" ready, and two months from being triage ready. Admittedly alot of required skills apply for both, but it's still an aggravating train. And I've not even started training for my Chimera yet! Clearly I'm in for the long haul.

It's going to be worth it though.


Despite my early promises to myself, I'm looking more and more these days to train Seraph into a dreadnought if nothing else (regarding capitals). It seems like an obvious evolution; once I've got subcapitals trained to the standard I want, why not go for bigger guns? The next obvious question is which one to train for. I'm not a huge fan of the Moros, and there's no way in hell I'd ever fly a "Jump Drake" as my alliance calls them.

So that leaves either the Revelation or the Naglfar. Honestly I'm leaning towards the Revelation more purely because it's Amarrian and it armour tanks, armour tanking usually being the tank of choice for most capital ships these days. That being said, the Naglfar is vertical and awesome, and I'm much closer to flying a Naglfar training-wise than I am a Revelation.

Still, this decision is long in the future, I've got to max out cruiser skills first and get my support skills to the point where I don't have to worry about them anymore (I'm talking maxed gunnery/missile/shield/armour/capacitor supports). So that's going to take a year at the least, if not longer. It's still fun to imagine though. Hell, maybe by the time I'm ready to train for a dreadnought, the balance pass on the capital ships might have made the Moros awful and the Jump Drake the king. You never know.


Finally, I've been trying to make a little ISK each day, since I figure some ISK is better than no ISK. So the other week, I decided to fit up a stealth bomber and go tag ratting. I came back an hour later with an estimated 300mil in tags.

Not too shabby.

Good luck out there guys o7

Monday, 1 July 2013

Renting is for suckers right now

So incase you hadn't heard:

Our (Nulli Secunda) rental alliance was disbanded by a director earlier today (who I won't name since I don't know if it's common knowledge/allowed to be said yet), losing our rental alliance's sov in over 200 systems. Already the Goon propaganda machine and comments of EN24 are aflood with wild theories that this will take us out of the war in Fountain, since SOLAR will clearly take this as a chance to invade and we're going to have to pull out of Hophib, blah blah blah. I'll just leave you with this statement from our leadership, edited slightly for clarity.

"Mood amongst the leadership right now is one of frustration and annoyance rather than PANIC PANIC OH MY GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE IT'S HAPPENING IT'S OVER WE COULD HAVE STOPPED IT IF ONLY WE HAD LISTENED DON'T CALL IT A GRAVE IT'S THE BED WE MADE, so take a page from that and focus on doing your part to help rectify this merry little clusterfuck.

Yes some ISK was stolen from the S2NC wallet. No it was not as high as 400b. No we're not cleaned out, so don't worry about finances.

And fuck-yes-who-the-hell-do-you-think-we are, of COURSE the war is still goddamn well on."

Plus a couple of quotes from alliance mates that I found funny.

"Yeah this pretty much makes me want to headshot VFK and say fuck gudfites, just take their fucking sov."

"We have [Fountain] moons now, we don't need renters anymore"


Anyway, good luck out there guys ;)