Saturday, 14 December 2013

An extended holiday?

I've been in Null-Sec for quite a while now (I've not made a blog post for quite some time either). And it's been awesome. But now I'm heading back to the more civilised areas of EVE...

Oh who am I kidding, High-Sec is full of assholes.

But seriously, I'm leaving Null. It's nothing to do with Nulli, they're actually a great alliance and the community they've got going is great. Infact, if you're looking to experience Null I highly recommend Nulli Secunda, and I have nothing but praise for my soon to be ex-corp, Nul-li-fy. I wish them all the best in the current war, and I'll keep an eye on how they're doing while I'm doing whatever else I plan to do.

But the reason I'm leaving is perhaps a core problem with NullSec at the moment. I felt like a cog in a huge machine. And to start with that was awesome, being a part of something huge and monstrous, being part of an alliance that could pull together a two hundred man fleet in the space of ten or twenty minutes. It was pretty fucking epic.

Then I started to realise that this machine I was a part of didn't really care if I was there or not, it still ground onwards through weight of numbers, and I lost my buzz for EVE. If it didn't matter whether I was there or not why should I be?

Also fights with thousands of people in are great except for the soul crushing TiDi.

So I soon came to the conclusion that NullSec isn't for me. So it's time to move on.

Fly safe guys